Start minimized as an option

Expected behavior

I would be grateful if there is an option to start DeltaChat in minimized mode. I know there’s a possibility to do this from command-line but an in-app setting would be really nice.

Actual behavior

Unless --minimized is passed on CLI the application always starts in a window.


what do you need this for? what’s the use case? can’t you use the cli option for an autostart entry?

I am on Linux. What I am trying to achieve is deltachat to start quietly on each boot. While copying .desktop file to autostart/ dir appending --minimized works it would be more useful IMHO if a user finds it directly in the program settings.

so you actually mean a one-click toggle switch that creates the autostart entry? true that would be really nice, though would need special handling on all platforms.

We already have an issue for that on GitHub: Option to setup autostart for Deltachat · Issue #2518 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Yes, I meant exactly that. Thank you, I upvoted the GH issue and will keep tracking that.

Edit: Actually… it would be even better if the autostart option has a sub-option that would ask whether the app should start minimized or not.

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