Steganography - Disguise - Camouflage - Diversion

Text>to>Image Steganography
Text>to>Text Steganography

Disguise Original Text with a manual input Cover Text (could be a news bulletin, a joke, a poem, a shopping list, a recipe)


Original Text -
I found a bag of gold in the park, There must be 1000 Gold Bars, I don’t know what to do, help me!!


Manual Input Disguised Text -
Python is a mature dynamic language whose interpreters can interact with all major computing platforms today.


Input & Output Passwords
Input & Output Passnumbers
Input & Output Key(s)

READ Original Text

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Interesting idea, but IMHO its out of scope for, there are third party apps that can do this.

Why do you need steganography when you have encryption? And if your delta chat suddenly starts to send unencrypted images, it is obvious that you are sending hidden messages in them.


for “Text>to>Text Steganography” in DeltaChat, or any other chat app, you can use:

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Obscure is not secure

Unless you mean insert an encrypted payload into an obscured container. But then you are only hiding from casual observers.