Sticker file format?

Hello :wave:,
I am wondering how to import a PNG file as a sticker in DC.
When exporting stickers from DC, they are saved as a PNG file.
This file is then no longer recognized as a sticker when importing.
Even though the image has no background, DC renders it in a speech bubble.
Do you need a special app for this or is it possible to adjust the image with common graphics programs?
By the way, can stickers in DC also be animated?

yes, like animated webp or APNG

offline solution:

  • in Android you can use your keyboard to attach the image, keyboards like ASK allow to select an image, such image will be sent as sticker, alternatively you can use the app EweSticker to manage sticker packs
  • Desktop has a secret sticker selector creating an “stickers” folder inside your DC account’s folder in ~/.config/DeltaChat/accounts/XXXX/

online/using bot:
send the image to and it will return it as sticker then forward to the desired chat

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Thanks for the information. :+1:
I just noticed that you can turn GIFs into animated stickers very easily.
All you have to do is change the file extension from GIF to PNG and copy the file to the sticker folder.