Stop the copy-paste of ``, `webxdc.js`, `eruda.js`

Currently for the majority of the apps we have, we include, the web demo version of webxdc.js, and eruda.js in the source code of the apps (see hextris, for example). It’s somewhat like copy-pasting React source code to your React project (which is bad).

We also have this more advanced template GitHub - webxdc/webxdc-vite: A minimalist Vite template for Webxdc development, but it also includes webxdc.js as a source-code file, while eruda.js is a package.json dependency.

  • Maybe make it common practice to use and the web version of webxdc.js as a git submodule. Seems like the simplest and the least commitment-requiring solution.
  • Or just a separate folder (like a binary that you put in /usr/local/.../bin (like Go).
  • Or integrate it in the webxdc-dev tool. A thing to consider is whether we want to cram everything that has to do with webxdc development in this one repo. For example, does the web demo version of webxdc.js have enough to do with this tool, or should it be something separate?
  • Or make it an OS package (apt-get install package-webxdc-app).

Need to update the docs when we come up with a solution.