Suggestion for additional IMAP folder handling setting for synchronizing DC from server to device

I would like to see an additional setting in DeltaChat - suggested for the section for “IMAP folder handling” - for “Synchronize DeltaChat folder”. This would automatically download any missing DC messages from the server to the device as well as delete any messages from the device that have been deleted from the server perhaps done on another device.

When this setting is disabled DC would function as today, when enabled it would allow the user to keep all his/her devices synchronized automatically, ie messages missing/deleted/update read status.

What do you think? This is the main shortcoming of DC today from my perspective.

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As far as knowing, such can be made manually, copy all to a temporary folder and back to gain all in “new” enviroment (new install). Sure, do such action via the app would be handy, if understanding right, maybe a folder for each device a solution?

No, that is not workable. The use-case is having multiple phones/tablets/computers where the user wants to have all DC chats in sync between devices, ie deleting messages on the server from one device also deletes them from the same chats on the other devices. This is my use-case and you could say that it is similar to how Telegram works although, of course, those messages reside on the Telegram server, not an IMAP server. I do not want to pick up each device and delete the same messages from one device at a time.

This could be an additional setting in IMAP folder handling. If enabled, automatically would sync the DC folder on the IMAP server to the device, similar to how IMAP is usually used for regular e-mail. If the setting is disabled, DC would continue to work as it does today.

Not really, as far as seeing, but just on server side. And by copy it back from “temp” into the delta-chat folder all devices would build up the state anew in regard of what wasn’t saved, displayed, on the single device before. It’s, if seeing right, just a manual way of what was thought that would be useful.

(meta: My person finds it merely foolish, improper, to talk with people having needs to cover themselves up, but maybe some others might have benefit from shares)

I am sorry but I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to say.

First, are you trying to say that because I happen to raise a need I have it should be ignored?? Isn’t feature requests the very basis for adding features? I am pretty sure other users would find this useful particularly since this is how other messaging programs work, such as Telegram being a prime example.

Second, you seem to suggest a work-around that is suitable only for technical users and a clumsy work-around at that.

Since all my e-mail programs on various devices, phones/tablets/computers, all using IMAP, manage to sync messages as I suggest should be an added feature to DC, there does not seem to be any technical problems adding this feature. Or, am I misunderstanding the features of IMAP?

I, too, would very much like to see this feature added. I often delete messages after having had a chat, but not all of them so I don’t want to use the Disappearing Messages feature. It’s even more important for messages I send myself as they may include passwords or other sensitive information. I think it’s actually quite weird from a basic user standpoint as it is now. I mean when I click delete, I don’t expect the message to just stop showing on this particular device: I expect it gone for good, purged from the server and never to be seen again anywhere.

It’s already removed from the server, the only problem is that it is not removed from other devices.

Oh ok, good to know ! :wink:

Ok so I tried it and, indeed, manually deleted messages do get removed from the server.
That being said, I just tried again the Disappearing Messages feature in a chat to myself, and while messages do disappear from all devices after the set time, these do remain on the server…

Yeah, I think the feature request I made makes a lot of sense to users who have more than one device. This could of course be any combination of phone, tablet, and computer. It would also make it consistent with IMAP e-mail itself, an IM program such as Telegram and likely others as well although I do not use those.

Hopefully the developers can add it.

This would also address the issue where you read a message on one device and it thus becomes unread (not deleted) but remains unread on other devices (or at least that happens on my devices.)

I should perhaps have made clear that I am talking about notifications on Android devices that do not seem to be updated. Once you open DC itself, messages are updated.