Suggestion to removing clutter in reply email messages

This is just a suggestion. I couldnt find the same suggestion elsewhere. It would be great if all clutter could be removed from reply email messages (from other email clients) so that they look just like a normal message. See screen shot.


“Show full message” is shown when the received email is html / was modified before it was displayed.
Often times you want to have the option to see the original email, not in your case, so there needs to be some factors that would decide wether to show that button or not.

I agree with the idea, but I don’t know the factors to make this right/correct, because there are cases where you want to have both additional informations (what you call “clutter”).

I removed the android tag, because your proposal is about all platforms.

Oh I see. I was hoping this app would make all my emails look like chats regardless of their original format. Another suggestion for how the user could view the original email of a message without needing to display “Show full message…” at the bottom would be by displaying the original email message if the user was to tap on the chat style message. If the chat contained links, images or videos and the user clicked on those then they should open instead of showing the original email. To open the original email in this case the user could would have to tap on a different part of the message. Another idea would be if the user did a long press on the chat style message in order to display it in its original email style. Also it would be nice if there was an option to display the subject of the conversation just below the recipients name, but that’s a seperate suggestion for another post, if there isn’t one already on that.