Support for telegram stickers

I think it would be very attractive and modern if delta allows the visualization of the new animated telegram stickers, when they are sent as attachments.


Of course, taking into account that now they can be realized with FLOSS tools like Inkscape. :thinking:

Or animated svg. :thinking:

Telegram stickers are using Lottie format.

Specifically they use Samsung implementation with all its limitations, they have to be taken into account if compatibility is needed.

they are attractive and much more smaller/data-saver than webp, gif, png etc. it is a win-win


In comparison with Lottie and .tgs SVG support animations too and the official lottie-web makes a conversion to SVG through a player for web use, the same lib used in the plugin for the propietary Adobe After Effects.

SVG has both normal and gzip compressed version. I think that being an standard in comparison to Lottie or .tgs would be better if a conversion is made or its support is preferent.

There is a python library being worked for full conversion as well as experimental exporting feature for some Libre Tools being the only one doing it as far I saw:

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As far as I know SVG supports animation via JavaScript. It means a sticker in SVG is a computer program that you have to execute to show it.

Conversion from Lottie to SVG is possible, but it is impossible to convert SVG back to Lottie, because SVG is not just a format for animation, it is more like what Flash was.

It’s true that Lottie has no formal specification or standard, but it is simpler, has multiple open implementations and an unofficial specification, so it has all means to become a open de-facto standard for vector animations.

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No, SVG has animation also without JS and is a format prepared for animation as written in the own specification with SMIL as recommended.

I was just about to link to SMIL too. How is the library support for it?




  • (I am searching) does not seem to be SMIL, but some android-specific animation format.

Yes, I am still searching, it was pointed from a conversion to use that as its native for it and I took it into account a moment ago, sorry.

Where can I check image format state support on Android. It’s obvious that, at least, static svgs are supported for Android app icons but seems that most of my search are for basic use as that and I wanted to know where can I see the state in general of the SVG support.

I got a little idea here.

Android WebView as well as Safari iOS (and WebKit WebView) allow rendering animated SVGs (and static ones) inside a basic HTML page.

A little time ago, ADBenitez told me that there was some hype to integrate ZHV into Delta Chat for bots options integration use. That took into my memories the way Telegram shows buttons and options in a message bubble for bot use but taking into account that HTML, CSS and possibly JS is in use for it.

I also remembered that Telegram had some HTML5 games integrated in the chats in certain sense, so my idea was the following:

  • Integrate webview in Delta Chat for bot use and look for a way to do it inside message bubbles.
  • Rework DeltaBot options to fit inside message bubbles as Telegram does.
  • Encapsulate SVG/SVGz inside an HTML with meta tags for info to what you need (sticker pack, etc) and use the integrated webview to render them inside the own message.

The bubble used for the message that has an integrated webview could be put as transparent.

I don’t include desktop client here because uses electron which already support SVG/SVGz in that way natively.

I didn’t reply to this before.

The open implementations are just to show/render them. The creation of these files still need propietary tools and the unofficial specification is made by reverse engineering. Only a little work for the creation through libre tools is being made in which has some experimental plugins for Inkscape and Synfig.

that is right

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