Support pop3 email

support pop3 email

fact is google and others monitor imap for what app is using the email and what ip address the mail app is using. google and others use this to “secure” the email account
but that info can be abused to monitor the user and even worse force the user be predicable. ( like how google will challenge you when you use your mail account from somewhere other then your usual network provider {when you are not using a android device that is constantly tracking you are verifying where you are and what you are doing })
what google and others do is force you to register the app that is being used, register what device you are using and monitor what network you are using. pop 3 is not prefect but it removes many of these checks.
these checks also make life hard of those who use random wifi networks for communications and a nightmare if you have to switch to a backup device.
its all connected over tls so its all encypted communications either way
just with out the app and ip address monitoring.

Maybe a stupid question, but who will tell you that requests over POP3 are not monitored on the server?

I did not have to register Delta Chat (the app), neither did I have to register my device, and I use a different mail provider than Gmail. If you do not like the practices of Google, just do not use Gmail.

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