Sync DC messages between phone and desktop and vice versa

Hi, Just installed the latest DC on both Desktop and phone(Android 11). I then started with the phone and just send a bunch of test messages to a different email address of mine. Then I setup the same email on the Desktop version and when I log in, messages are not sync between Desktop and Phone.

Is there a way to fix this ?

For new messages:

  • turn on “Send Message to self/ BCC self” in the settings on both devices.
  • also make sure both devices have the same encryption key with the auto-crypt setup process.

For the old messages:
You need to setup the second device (in your case desktop) again importing an backup from the phone. This transfers all media, messages and also the keys so you can only do this step and skip the auto-crypt setup. (though you still need to enable bcc-self)

If you don’t find that option or have more questions feel free to ask.

Hi, tried that and here’s what I get…

This is an export from phone to desktop. It produces 2 .asc files. On desktop, Import keys and choose folder, and error message appears as shown in screenshot.

Any other ideas ?


Btw, If I do it the opposite way, from Desktop to Phone, here’s what I get:

Basically similar issue.


Ok, now it works. Might be a fluke but this is what I did to make it work:-

  • If you have DC installed on both phone and desktop, uninstall the one on phone.
  • After that re-install it back on phone, open DC and setup your email as usual.
  • Go to Settings → Chats and Media → Choose ‘No, chats only’ (Both devices)
  • Go back and hit Advanced, scroll down and turn on ‘Send copy to self’
  • Test sending a msg to your alternate email address while monitoring the desktop DC.
  • You should see the messages appear on both devices.

I hope this helps someone. Though exporting/importing the keys is still an issue on both Desktop(Win10) and phone(Android 11).


Backup import/export not key import/export and for syncing keys use the autocrypt setup process that’s easier.

There are a few open issues regarding that, but for your usecase (dc to dc not seperate email encryption software) its better to use the autocrypt setup process or a full backup.

Ah, works now. Thanks.


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