Sync old messages

Expected behavior

old messages have to downloaded from the server when logging into the application.

Actual behavior

When login in account on new device, I don’t see old messages

Example Images

I propose check DeltaChat folder on the mail server when logging into account app, and if the folder exists sync messages

It have to work like telegram

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maybe prompt to sync because downloading old messages isn’t wanted by some users like me with expensive data plans

it will be great if users can disable this feature.

As a workaround you can, using Thunderbird or some other email client, rename you DeltaChat folder into DeltaChat2, create new DeltaChat folder and move all the messages from DeltaChat2 to DeltaChat. New folder will have new UID validity and new message UIDs, causing the client to redownload the messages.

You can also make a backup on the phone and restore it on desktop.

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