Systray indicator / sign for new messages

I am not sure whether this exists and I have not activated it - because it is obviously necessary. When Deltachat is minimized on systray (Windows desktop), there must some sign/color/different icon when new messages are available (like Skype, ICQ, etc.)

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There is, you can enable it under experimental features in the settings.

I have enabled Show Systray Icon option but it displays static icon or I cannot see difference. The question was to have different image (or blinking picture) when there are new messages. ICQ was good in this (blinking yellow picture for messages, green for email-to-icq, little globe for link, etc.)

the picture should be slightly differentL

on which OS are you using Delta Chat, maybe it is a bug?

Windows 7

Now I noticed the indication. But the dot is too small and color is indiscernible from default icon. Better to be larger dot/sign in red or yellow. Or even default icon with different colors.