Tabs in DC-Android

Expected behavior

It is possible to use tabs to switch between the settings, chat list, global library and QR code screen, like in DC-iOS.

Actual behavior

There are no tabs in DC-Android.


I think tabs in DC-Android would have some advantages:

  1. It would be easier to use DC with just one hand.
  2. The settings and the global media library would be directly accessible and not “hidden” in the three-dot menu.
  3. DC-Android and DC-iOS would have a more similar user interface.
  4. DC-Android would be functionally on par with the Android versions of Signal, Threema and WhatsApp, which use tabs.

Signal uses tabs only to switch between messenger and stories afaik, and if stories are disabled there are no tabs.

yes, besides Signal looks pretty much like an iOS app in Android, even the menus have round corners like on iOS and not the default system menu, not the best example of a material design app

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