Talk about DC at 36c6


there was a talk about DeltaChat at 36c6 in the OpenInfrastructureOrbit assembly. Unfortunately, the stream broke down and I couldn’t watch it in the live stream.

It hasn’t been uploaded in ReLive nor in the recordings section at Does anybody know when and if the video will be available?

it was on the oio stage, things are still added, might pop up in a day or so - unless it is entirely broken :slight_smile: here are other talks from this stage:

and, if course, @jnsp, welcome aboard!

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here are other talks from this stage:

These are from the past year (35c3) :wink:

Other talks from the stage can be found here:


thanks for correcting :slight_smile:

This is odd, someone flagged my posts as spam in this forum and now I cannot post a link to the video (it is finally up). :tada:

Edit: Thanks for removing the spam flag :slight_smile: Here is the direct link to the video: