Technical question: Bots and one-on-one chats

Hello :wave:,
I have a technical question. Can DC distinguish between normal one-to-one chats and bots on its own or is it all the same from the app’s point of view?

when the bot dev specifies the bot config variable the auto submitted header, so in theory DC could distinguish between bots and normal users. really depends on the bot authors though if they set that flag.

Impersonation makes a name start with a ~, like ~Alice.

What’s the reason behind your question?

Thanks for the answer.
I was thinking about tabs in the “New Chat” menu.
One each for individual contacts, groups, broadcast lists and bots in alphabetical order.
I wasn’t sure if DC would be able to automatically differentiate between bots and normal chats.

why should there be existing chats in the new chat menu?

Sorry, that was just a bad idea on my part.
I used the terms contact and chat synonymously.
At least for me, practically every contact in the “New Chat” menu corresponds to a chat.
If I tap on a name, I end up in the chat history.

What I really want is an overview in which the different chat types are displayed separately.
Many one-to-one chats, groups, broadcast lists and bots accumulate over time.
So the chat list is slowly becoming a bit confusing.
For that reason I think some sort of overview would be helpful.

So far, my considerations mainly related to the iOS version.
I first thought of additional icons in the “dock”, besides the icons for settings, chats and the QR code.
However, there is simply not enough space.
The next idea was search function commands like “*.groups” to list all groups alphabetically.
That would save space but is not very intuitive.

Now I think chat folders as suggested by Axe are the best solution.
In addition to the individual folders, one could also introduce standard folders for one-to-one chats, groups, broadcast lists and bots.
That would certainly be more comfortable than having to sort all the chats yourself.

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not really, auto-submitted is a per-message thing, and also can happen for user accounts, like when some user sets a vacation auto-reply message in their webmail, that doesn’t make them a bot, so I guess at some point core should add another header dedicated to tell the clients “I am a bot” and perhaps in turn providing a list of supported commands to support better bot integration in the DC clients

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