Technical question: Webxdc + Bots?

is it actually possible to combine a bot and a web xdc app?
For example, you could create a graphical interface for a bot.
As far as I know, there is no messenger that has such bots.
So that would be a unique selling point.

yes its possible and there is already at least one bot doing this: GitHub - adbenitez/simplebot_webxdc: Webxdc store plugin for SimpleBot

first there was ZHV, a simple glue app I made for adb to offer html based interfaces to his bots. ZHV stands for zipped html viewer.
Then we implemented viewing html emails into deltachat thus ZHV became unnecessary/obsolete.
Both methods used simple html pages with mailto links that contained the next comand for the bot.

With webxdc its possible to seamlessly talk with the bot without users clicking on mailto links and then pressing send to proceed, so in that sense it simplifies the usage for the user.
Also it brings back the zip compression that ZHV had and adds the possibility for interactivity with javascript which the previous methods did not (really) have.

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