🧪 Test upcomming Desktop 1.10.x release

We have a new release ready for testing.
As always please report bugs on github or under this post.

Mini Changelog

:fire: Disappearing Messages (as experimental feature)
:link: add support for markdown links [label](url) (with a open confirmation dialog to prevent phishing)
:partying_face: updated google-noto color emoji font to include newer emojis

Bugfix: fix Chat-view does not scroll down on incoming message

full changelog

Known Bugs

  • we forgot to update the inApp Changelog message that gets posted to the device chat #1798
  • a few accessibility issues with voiceover

full list of known bugs



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v1.10.1 is out to test


we already have some followup bugfixes for an 1.10.2 which will probably the version released to our website.