🧪 Testing upcomming Desktop 1.4.2 release

The 1.4.x desktop release is finally up for testing.
After the testing period we will increase the version number to 1.10.0 to sync with the other platforms.

We would love if you helped us to test the new release and report bugs/issues on github or as an reply to this post.


The feature highlight for this release:

:zap: We upgraded our core to async, which made it even faster
:shushing_face: Psssst! You can now mute chats and take a break to focus on things that really matter
:mag: Looking for a specific message? Our search now supports searching through messages, contacts & chats
:fire: Don’t want to keep old messages on your device or server? Check out the new autodelete setting
:new_moon: We finally added a Darkmode
:nail_care: Besides this, DeltaChat Desktop should look and feel better at various places, including settings & login

Full changelog: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#142---2020-06-26

Known Bugs

All known bugs (most of them are not release blockers)



On that note we made process with the Mac AppStore and the windows appstore, dc dektop will be availible there soon too.


great job, thanks a lot :slight_smile: /me downloaded and testing on mac