The life-changing magic of WKD

I just found out about Web Key Directory, maybe Delta Chat could use that as a method of key discovery in addition to Autocrypt? It can’t replace Autocrypt since WKD needs to be implemented server side whereas Autocrypt adds e2e to any mail server.

This other thread is super relevant and a prereq to this one.

Since more and more of my contacts are on WKD and not on autocrypt, I’ve found myself using Delta Chat less and less, more as a biff like app. I can read their messages in Delta Chat, but to send encryptedly to them I need to start the other MUA. And I need to try to remember which is which :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

It’s all because Proton implemented WKD. I’ve never used Proton but ever since I set up WKD on my email, all my messages from them have been encrypted, it’s just on by default (although Delta Chat doesn’t indicate that they are—there’s no padlock, and that’s for a pretty good reason since if I replied to them from Delta Chat itself, my replies to them would not be encrypted. If I do reply from my other MUA, my replies to them do have the padlock in Delta Chat which is also correct).

Mailvelope can also use WKD when sending if I understand it correctly.