The message creating a new chat

When I start a new chat I find the notice “Send a message. It is okay if ~ does not use Delta Chat.”
I preferred the old version explaining that the message can be unencrypted.
So I’m proposing a short message such as “The first messages with a Delta Chat user and those to other clients may be unencrypted”.
The user in this way knows that:
-first messages are unencrypted;
-he can write to anybody who has an e-mail address;
-people without DC receive unencrypted messages.

Than the new DC user send his message to other-client-user but probably he will never read the answer because de default option of “Show Classic E-Mails” is set on “No, chats only”!

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thanks, your opinion is very welcome.

however, we decided to streamline and focus on the most important things and not raise false expectations. the longer the explanations are, the less they are read at all :slight_smile: eg. the chat is opportunistic, so, not only the first message could be unencrypted, but also every message following, see improve wording of one-to-one-chat hint by r10s · Pull Request #2165 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub for some more background discussions.

Sad but true…
…but my proposal is short!

Thanks for the discussion link, I see that you give great importance to the fact that the addressee can use other clients: dont’t you think that is a nonsense that the default option for incoming messages is “No, chats only”?

replies to Chat messages are shown even if the messages does not come from Delta Chat. so, it makes some sense to point that out, that you can write the any email address. also, exactly, this point is what people often do not get, this is a result from some polls and research (“Delta Chat is nice - but i know no person that is using Delta Chat, so i uninstalled” :slight_smile:

so, all in all, the change was the result of many experiences and feedback we got over the last years, we will give that a chance - knowing that not everyone will like it :slight_smile: but - also the help is about to be revised at some point, we can explain the encryption approached better there.

…and the reviews on PlayStore :man_facepalming:t2:


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