Thoughts on more global effects

Valued delta-team, developer, user,

my person gave the issue of enery-use and possible harmful impacts in a larger, but not so direct visible, scale some thoughts and thought to share them if there are intentions for improvement.

Storage (hard ware), processing, and maintaining of data-storage and traffic.

If using app without the use of deleting messages from server from advice, each mesage is stored 1 time for each user on server. A group of 5 people causes one and same data to be stored on five server. If one manages to make disscussion groups visible via web a sixth time. And a further on each device. Together: 11 times.
This gets multiplied by secoundary, backups each “server” is used to be maintained.

The case where datas would be saved central, like usually messanger are working, as far as seen, would cause 5 times primary store, and only 1 time if no device copy is held. Sure, the only 1 storage place, central, would increase much the traffic amount.

My person thinks that a possibility to make the storage of groups, at least, central, could reduce huge impacts globaly.
It might not be so clear if one does not maintain also “own” email server.

As modern uses, especially in the old world (Asia, Africa, south America…) prefers exchange of sound and pictures, easy made by messanger use, it’s not a small issue, others then if speaking on classical mailing, werde Text is main good.

Use of others energy means use, stress and/or harm of others.

Thanks for the feedback!

However, Delta Chat is only an email client, so that the user can freely choose their server. This decentralization means that, unfortunately, it’s not possible.

Why not letting additional common server for a group been chosen, good master? If people would meet each other physicla, they would either meet in an invitors house or a public place.
At least there are homeless out there as well, and those who would provide for homes, and those who not fearfully incease global taking by also cutting forest to maintain fences.

Since modern forest disappears, fences all over where non have been, 30% of labor a year is dedicated to make and maintain fences and another 30% to “trick” to make streets through the jungle of defence in a manner of pulling power to have the strength to get not cut off of everything.

Fear has reason and it does not come from outside, the cause, yet wrong reacting on it in addition but more causes for own fear into the increasingly turning wheel.

Couldn’t there be a possibility to let others look at ones (mail)server instead of sharing a copy, or to shae without pulling a copy in ones house by default?

Sure, to large even global centralization is the other extrem. So is it that traditional smaller communities, open to others, are most praised by wise.

At the “end” forums are mostly the base for builing fences as well, sadly seeing only faceuless and hidden identities there, making use of the generosity of the giver of such realm.

(being a merely ethical topic, one going deeper to root causes and effects, my person thought to share some feeds for the roots solving: Fear of others, Freedom From Fear here as well, if interested in higher meta )

That kind of fear is a cause of what they call »agati,« something that takes you off course. There are four kinds of agati altogether. You go off course because of things you desire, you want a reward of some kind from somebody, or you want a certain kind of pleasure that you think is going to come from doing something unskillful, so that desire pulls you off. Then there’s agati that comes from aversion. When you’re not willing to do something simply because you just don’t like it, even though it may be the right thing to do, you don’t like it, and that gets in the way. There’s agati that comes from delusion, when you simply don’t know what’s the right and the wrong thing to do. And finally, there’s agati that comes from fear.

Global tendency in increasing ways to deny dependency while at the same time feeding on a anonym declared community/areas will not work long since the forests, the souces thought to be given to all, are very small already and formed into territory believed to have under ones control. It grows that worse that nearly all running around with masks, fist thought smart now even “forced”…

When one, ignoring or unaware uses double and more sources, at the “end” would need to pay that, how ever “free and liberal” it had been suggested.

What I forgot in my last answer: We are actually planning a feature that’s similar to what you propose (“we” in the sense of “some of the developer team, but not me, and I have no insight of this, therefore this didn’t directly came to my mind when answering” :slight_smile: ).

However, either your mailserver will have to support this or you will have to find a supporting server yourself. I don’t think they are planning a for-group option, it will probably be a per-person feature.

That seems to be a tool that would be needed for the whole of the idea to be enabled to use a chosen server (own) to make ones (of particular community) conversations “central” stored and possible also public.
As for store of attachments alone, great, but could those automatical be deleted on the users emailserver or would it not cause additional space and maintaining requirement, good master Hocuri?