Three small design tweaks to make DC-Desktop look better

Over time I came up with a few ideas for small design tweaks to make DC-Desktop look better:

  1. Improve the contrast between the settings window and the background in darkmode.

  2. Show full headline in account switcher.

  3. Don’t show scrollbar in add account screen.


The upper part of the settings window hardly stands out from the background.
I think DC’s appearance would benefit from higher contrast.


In the German version, the headline is not fully displayed.
Maybe you could move “Alles synchronisieren” a bit to the right.Then there would be enough space.
It would also be possible to write only “E-Mail-Konten”.
The accounts are known anyway.


All information could fit completely in the window without a scroll bar.
I think that would make things look a little tidier.
After all, the screen is the first thing a user sees after installing DC.