Thunderbird 91+ How to use Autocrypt

When I check the DeltaChat folder with Thunderbird all the message content is encrypted with a warning banner in red that says “The secret key that is required to decrypt this message is not available”

Is it possible to use Thunderbird 91+ with DeltaChat. If so, how?

I think thunderbird doesn’t support autocrypt but it should be possible to import pgp keys.
You have to export the pair of pgp keys from delta chat (go to settings > advanced > manage keys > export secret keys, this will create two files with .asc extension containing public and private keys) and then import them into thunderbird.

Thanks for the hint. My 1.21.1 version of DeltaChat (on Manjaro/KDE) must be buggy because when I try to “Export Secret Keys…” I get an error (not appearing now that I try again). It might be my Plasma file system requester at fault because the “Export Backup” option does the same thing. Hopefully the next update will fix it, so in the meantime I just can’t use Thunderbird or communicate with anyone else that uses it.

Thunderbird does not support sending Autocrypt messages.

Besides that, there is a problem with recognizing Thunderbird messages as “encrypted” in Autocrypt sense (signed and encrypted): Encrypted and signed messages from Thunderbird to self don't show a padlock · Issue #2301 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

Thunderbird version 68 does.

I use it everyday with no problems at all.

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True, Thunderbird 68 supports Autocrypt via extensions. I was talking about the latest Thunderbird which has its own implementation that does not fully support Autocrypt since version 78.