Top posting and "please reply over this line"

I should not be proposing this at the same time I’m also proposing my > space stuff thing because it’s kinda unrelated (and I really really want the other proposal, which I care much more about than this), but, before I forget to write it down:

Most of the time I really like how Delta Chat handles and displays quotes, above the message and with a jump-to link👍 (My other proposal is for the one out of a hundred times we do wanna quote just a few key phrases—but with the volume I use Delta, “one out of a hundred” still means “several times per week”.)

But could we have the same behavior in Delta Chat but under the hood represent it as top posting a.k.a. TOFU? I know, I know, anathema to us old Usenet survivors but many customer service bots and frameworks expect it. It’s not that Full-Quote-Over, Reply-Under is always so great either. (Back in the day, the gold standard was a heavily snipped interleaved reply :woman_cook:t2:)

IDK, I’m on two minds of this. I’m keeping an old MUA around to deal with these.:woman_shrugging:t2: