Transifex : Context in translation

Hi, is there any translators community? I’ve some difficult with strings contextualization

just ask, not sure about if translators hanging out here, but at least some developers do :slight_smile:

hello Gasprigolo, I am a translator, maybe it’s time we create a “Delta Translators” deltachat group :wink:
translators interested to join write me to:

Ouch! I’ve already set Delta with work’s email address :frowning:
Is a “multi-account” option on the way in your knowledge?

on android you can install the app tree times (from playstore, from f-droid and from apk) on desktop you can have multiple accounts configured and switch between them.

github apk is the same as the gplay version

github apk is the same as the gplay version

In fact, and I don’t use F-droid. I’m to install “something else” :kissing_smiling_eyes: for my primary address and change Delta settings to my secondary address (this one).

Cheers. G.

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