Trashed emails detected a second time

It seems that even if I have deleted the spammer’s chat contact request from Delta Chat app, when I delete the message from the server using another client or a webmail, it generates a new notification and contact request in Delta Chat.

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

I expect deleted chats not to reappear when trashed.

Actual behavior

I get notifications and they reappear.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Delete a spam from Delta Chat’s list
  2. Trash the underlying email from another mail client

I’ll have to catch screenshots and logs next time it happens, if needed.

Anyone else seeing this? Maybe it’s my settings but I didn’t see any obvious mistake.

Yes, when I delete a chat in DC and then the same email with other client, DC find that email in the trash folder and a new request appears. It should not search in the trash.
To avoid this behavior empty the trash folder.

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I can’t empty the trash folder quickly enough to avoid DeltaChat detecting the mail and generating a request and notification.