Troubles posting - IP-change issue?

Valued Team, developers, user,

facing more and more troubles in using the forum to post, possible because of instable internet and often change of IP through it, my person thought to give info on this issue.

Steady many kinds of errors arise and hard to find out about the status of ones desired action.

As the software is eager to present as much as possible “real-life” it’s ways to resolve IP-change issues might be to slow for it’s fast other features of draft-safe.

Sure not easy to solve, if wishing, on software endusers side.

The forum was down several times a few days ago. If the front page loaded (from the cache) but you were not able to post anything, it’s probably the reason.

Appreciation for care, but my person don’t think so since arising any time inbetween starting and finishing a post (yet as well: “reload”, “you post was edit by another account”…)