Truncating quoted emails nicely

I see sometimes Delta Chat really nicely hides long quotes in email threads behind a “show full message” button while sometimes it shows the entire thread of quoted emails. How can we help you fix the ones that don’t truncate/hide quoted threads properly and display the whole long quoted text in DC?
What do the developers need to know about the ones that don’t truncate well?

I think it’s often messages sent from Outlook x86 that have the issue. They should probably be truncated before the first set of:

From: name
Sent: Date Time
To: name
Subject: title

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Save a raw .eml, anonymize it and attach to related issue or create a new one, then it can be used as a testcase:

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Thanks, but Delta Chat doesn’t seem to have a method of saving messages as raw .EML files. I should use some other email client for that, right? Do you have a preference? Thunderbird, Outlook x86, Evolution? Does it matter?

Thunderbird is good enough, haven’t tried others. Maybe web interface can do it if you have it.

Thanks. I posted a couple examples here: Some emails (received & sent) are displayed in full (including entire quote history) instead of nicely being truncated into small chat bubbles. · Issue #2958 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust (