Turn on Reliable Background Connection Notification if battery optimization is on

Some users don’t read the ignore battery optimizations prompt and just click on no. And then they complain that notifications don’t work. It would be nice if Delta chat did something about this automatically.
I suggested a user to set Delta chat’s battery usage to “Unrestricted” (Delta chat->App info->Battery->Unrestricted), but Samsung warns that “This may reduce your battery life,” which they thought meant it makes the battery fail sooner.


We are working on implementing FCM (google push notifications) for chatmail instances, should come out with the next release. The next release will also include an easy way to get an account on an chatmail instance.

Otherwise I’m not sure what deltachat could do about that? change the message before asking for it or what kind of change did you have in mind?


Oh, that’s good to hear.
The current “turn off battery optimization” message is quite good, but it’s useless if someone doesn’t read it. I meant that it would be nicer if Delta chat switched on the “Reliable Background Connection” setting under “Notifications” if the user clicked “No (don’t stop optimizing delta chat)”. It’s a solution that works.
Even when FCM is implemented, this would still be helpful if someone uses a classic E-Mail server instead of a chatmail instance.
Thanks for the fast reply!

But why do they then read the message by the system? :laughing:

Another option could probably be to show some persistent banner “Notifications might be unreliable” over the chatlist. But users will also find that annoying.

I seriously have no idea🤦. Maybe it’s shorter? Or seemed more important because it was in Settings? Such logical people…

That’s a good solution, but I don’t think that person would listen to it. Or maybe they will?

The challenges of idiot-proofing the system! I do not envy the developers this task!

Will FCM be opt in or opt out for users who already have reliable notifications? Will FCM be the default for new users? Will FCM be automatically turned on for existing users or will existing users be prompted first?

I hope you will maintain a version without FCM for f-droid (I think using FCM is against the inclusion criteria of the official f-droid repo)