Two variants per DC version in F-Droid store

Hello :wave:,
I noticed that there are two variants of each DC version in the F-Droid store.
Does anyone know how they differ apart from size?

Aren’t there 4? For different architectures.

Ok, only two are shown in the app.

All variations are build from the same codebase, so have the same functionality.

The variations differ by the processor they’re compiled for (arm_64bit, arm_32bit, x86_64bit, x86_32bit). Depending on your device, F-Droid probably suggests one or two variations (eg. most devices can handle arm_64bit as well as arm_32bit).

F-Droid does the split to save traffic and maybe storage on the target device, we are also thinking about that for here and then. however, we voted for simplicity and for the option to pass .apk around easily up to now.

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Thanks for the information. :+1:

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I also found this confusing until I read this forum post. Maybe this info can be added to the app description?

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