Unable to 1:1 connect on testrun

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

Scan QR code and establish encrypted connection

Actual behavior

Non-testrun account has encryption keys for both itself and testun and reports no issues, BUT…
testrun (nine.testrun specifically) has no encryption key information and reports it’s not encrypted.

:warning: nine.testrun.org requires end-to-end encryption which is not setup for this chat yet. Tap to learn more.”

Steps to reproduce the problem

Scan QR on test run account linking to a non-testrun account.

Tested using both iOS and macOs clients. Also deleted the contact and recreated.

Debug logs

Nothing relevant

Accounts in use

Hello :wave:,
unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem. First I scanned the QR code of a chatmail account in a non-chatmail account and then the other way around with another chatmail account. Do you also have the problem with other email addresses? Maybe there’s something wrong with the configuration of your non-chatmail account?

I found the issue. tilde.chat is an alias for tilde.team and something with the technical details there prevents delta chat from working as designed. I changed the email address to tilde.team and it works as expected.