Unable to generate apk from android source code from github

that not an command, its a path to a file you should create.
~ means your home folder.

Did you do that step?:

(make sure you run it inside of jni/deltachat-core-rust)

Yes created file.

hi @rakeshjha, i’m curious, why do you want to compile Delta Chat on your own? are you trying to make contributions?

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@Simon @r10s I have followed all the steps again and the build was successful but after install, when tyr to launch it failed at this point with below errors, please suggest.

ava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[DexPathList[[zip file “/data/app/com.b44t.messenger.beta-2AkRyWr6eKbWtr9Dkyq4bA==/base.apk”],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/data/app/com.b44t.messenger.beta-2AkRyWr6eKbWtr9Dkyq4bA==/lib/x86, /data/app/com.b44t.messenger.beta-2AkRyWr6eKbWtr9Dkyq4bA==/base.apk!/lib/x86, /system/lib, /system/product/lib]]] couldn’t find “libnative-utils.so”

@Simon can you please suggest for my last message

It’s not so easy to debug someone’s remote development setup. Several developers have spend their time on trying to help.

Which bug or contribution do you want to make? Please describe in some detail.

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I am trying to build .apk from source code for android from git(master branch), build was success but while launch the app it is crashing and the error saying - couldn’t find “libnative-utils.so”

please suggest.