Unable to generate apk from android source code from github

Hello Support,

I am Unable to generate apk from android source code from github, it is saying file missing. Please refer attached screenshot.

Please suggest why I am getting that.

hi, @rakeshjha - first of all, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

unfortunately, the screenshot does not work, maybe try to edit your post and try to add it again? or reply with a screenshot.

in general, you need to set up a working build environment to get things compiling, this may be tricky, indeed :slight_smile: there are some hints about this at https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android/#build - and for the rust part at https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android/blob/master/ndk-make.sh#L7

Hello r10s,
Thank you!

I have updated the screenshot. I have followed all those link to compile only.

Rakesh Jha

Did you run the ndk-make.sh script?

Hello Simon,

Yes I have run this script also but same issue. Please suggest if anything still missing.

A screenshot is not enough for me to find that out.
What master commit were you using?
What exact commands did you run and what is the full output of them?

it seems the libraries generated by ./ndk-make.sh are not there or cannot be found.

i would first check, after executing ./ndk-make.sh (not: ndk-build) manually from the command line, that the files


exist and have several megabytes as file size. Android Studio is not needed at this point at all.

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