Unique repeating notification for incoming Video Chat

This is a feature proposal for a different type of notification for incoming Video Chat requests.
Currently on the Android app, notifications are only specified for the regular chats.
Since Delta Chat video chat requests always have a specific format, suggest adding a detection filter to the client that recognizes the video chat request and fires a different type of notification. The video chat notification should be customizable within the normal Android notifications customization interface, but by default it should be a repeating sound effect that’s different from the default incoming chat sound effect. Ideally the notification toast pop-up would have custom “Answer” or “Ignore” buttons to make joining the video chat easier. Personally, I would set the sound effect to an audio file of someone saying “Incoming video call” out loud so that it’s obvious what the notification is for.

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I doesn’t make sense going into that direction before we fixed the notification problem on iOS, because otherwise this will raise expectations of a call that we obviously can’t meet if the notifications one one platform are unreliable.
But yes good idea for when we fixed our notification issues (which is more difficult to solve for us than for other messengers, because we don’t have any central servers that could wake-up devices on new messages and the operating systems try to kill DC’s message fetching process all the time; also for those wondering, solving notification issues on iOS is currently one of our top priorities.).


Yes, agreed that reliable notifications on all platforms should be priority. So this would be a feature request for later. Thanks!