Unique use case: texting client

This isn’t a feature request. But I use delta chat in a unique fashion. Perhaps it’s a “don’t break this use case” request. Maybe other people might be interested in the idea.

I use delta chat for my everyday texting. I am paying for both a VOIP service and a VPS and with these together I have created my own personal “texting to email” gateway. so i can send and receive texts from computer. and delta chat provides more of a texting interface. so that’s the unique use case.

the emails I receive (and maybe send i don’t remember) are of the format phone_number@domain. but my imap login is first_name@domain. phone_number is an alias for first_name so it goes to the same inbox but they are different (phone_number vs first_name).

anyway it works now but if deltachat lost flexibility in account configuration maybe it would break and i’d have to recode it to use my imap login instead of the phone number. thinking about it…it wouldn’t be the end of the world. but anyway there you have it.


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