Unrecognized attachments

Attachment handling in DC 0.100+ is kinda broken on some devices.
Issue spotted on Samsung Note (2-5): on receiver side it isn’t possible to open simple PDF file.
When one trying to open PDF on that device that has official Adobe reader, DC just flash for a second this message:
“Cant’ find an app to handle this type of data Media-Type: application/pdf”.
On a long press on the message and press on (i) from top menu - attachment marked as:
“Mimetype: application/octet-stream”

The only way on such devices to open attached PDF is to save/unencrypt it to device’s storage and open it.

Previously installed DC 0.20 offered in such cases list of applications to handle unknown media-type, but DC 0.100+ just guessing which app to fire up and guessing sometimes wrong. On one samsung note 5, DC offered to open pdf file with Archive preview and OsmAnd(???) while there installed at least 3 apps that supports PDF:
Xodo, Adobe reader and DocumentViewer.

On “Honor 6X” it also really weird behavior, received PDF files successfully opened with Xodo, but if user attached and send PDF file to some1 else and later trying to open this sent PDF then DC offered to open it with “Archive preview”(???)

Is it possible to turn on behavior that was implemented in 0.20 - bring the list of apps to chose from on long press on the message to be able to open attachment?

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@AlexJ thanks for pointing this out. yip, this should be checked, i’ve added an issue at Check how unrecognized attachments are handled · Issue #740 · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub however, in general attached pdf work for me :slight_smile:

Thank you !

also experiencing this with pdfs…
it proposes to open it with archive preview, OsmAnd~ or Open-Keychain… but not the PDF viewers I’ve on the device (Android 7.0)

I think there are a problem with DC and Android versions, in my Android 6.0 device I am having this issue with images (jpg) and audio (mp3) files sent from other MUA, they are shown as attachments, (everything fine up to this point), but when I tap them, the message “Can’t find an app to handle this type of data” (and the types are image/jpg and audio/mp3, or something like that) but in my girlfriend is 7.1 and it opens the VLC player when she taps in the audio attachment