Updating delta chat

I want to update delta chat on pc and android to the last version so that I can keep My settings and contact list and chats. Is that possible?

IF I uninstall ans reinstall I loose all of them

what versions have you installed from where?

(optional) what’s the app id of your deltachat installed on android?

Generally I would just install the update without uninstalling anything.

If you must uninstall for some reason (unlikely) then backup first all accounts, then import the backups after reinstalling.

1.42.4 is the version I have already on android and pc. The reason I need 1.42.6 is the sync of archives, deleted etc on both devices. There is no option to install on top of the new one. How did you do it?

latest desktop version is 1.42.2, so having “1.42.4” there is impossible.
Android has those versions though, there you are just able to install the new version as update on top of the old one, but it depends on WHERE you got the app amazon store/ google play store / f-droid.

If you got it from google playstore you can also download and install the apk from https://download.delta.chat/android/. But I would still recommend using the store where you got the app originally.

On desktop the same question applies WHERE did you get the app?
flatpak/ app image/ .deb / windows setup exe / microsoft store / apple appstore / and so on.