Usage of Delta Chat with regular email account, alias or dedicated email account?

I am currently playing around with Delta Chat with the intention to create a setup for personal and business use, but I’m struggling with the decision on which way to go concerning the use of email addresses / accounts.

  • If using my regular email account, it would mean chat messages will be clogging up my inbox as long as the Delta Chat client is not running.
  • Using an email alias does not really make any sense, because messages will still end up in the same inbox of the regular email account.
  • Using a dedicated email account for Delta Chat likely would be the best solution to keep chat messages completely separated, but that means using a new email address which none of the existing contacts knows.

So how do you manage this?

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If your mail provider supports aliases (especially aliases as sender address) you could create a filter that moves chat mails to the DeltaChat folder even before Delta Chat sees them. In this way your inbox will not be clogged up. See e.g. example configuration for here: Using Delta Chat with email sub-addresses – Lenz Grimmer's random thoughts.

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My mail provider supports aliases, but no server side filtering, which is why I’m considering a separate email account for Delta Chat.

Practically that should be the optimal solution for a complete separation, but my concerns are the use of a new email address for that which none of my contacts knows about beforehand, though that’s not any different then just using an alias.

I use a seperate account for chat email.

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Indeed, I ended up creating a dedicated email account for Delta Chat as everything else just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess it would be different if my email service provider would support server side email filtering, which isn’t the case.