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I work for the IT of public schools and we are investigating about introducing Delta.Chat for distance learning support.
We have an openLDAP with all relevant information, amongst other all groups/classes etc. There is an OpenXchange Mail in place, creating mailing lists for all those groups/classes.
All these are maintained on a daily basis by script.

Now my question is: Is there a simple way to “import” these address lists/groups/… into Delta.Chat?

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As deltachat does not have mailing list support yet, the best way is to write a small bot that puts those contacts into groups.
We have some work-in-progress documentation about bots here:

We have bindings for nodejs, C, python and Go (community maintained). Do you have experience in one of those languages? If not python is probably the easiest of those to get into.

PS: you should upgrade or downgrade your dc desktop version: 1.0.0 has a serious bug.

Hi Simon,

  1. Thanks for your fast answer - awsome and highly appreciated!!
  2. Negative, unfortunately not a coding guy, rather the networker in the team.
  3. Wilco, thanks for the heads-up. (Reminds me of an old IT guy some decades ago: “Never use a .0 version!”) :smiley:


coding such a simple bot is not hard, we can even help you if you want.

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That sounds interesting, may I contact you off-list?
Please send me your coordinates to $myusernameHere at e d u b s dot c h