Use user avatars on groups without avatars

Expected behavior

If a group has no group avatar, it should display somehow a combination of the users’ avatars, if any of the users have available avatars.

Actual behavior

Groups without avatars instead use the first letter of the subject/group name:

Example Images

I just took this from QKSMS for example:


I definitely think this idea is awesome, from a UX point of view it’s easier to follow messages without a profile picture. But that’s my opinion, which may differ from most people here. But I hope someone can say something contrary to what I said or add something complementary as I initially found this feature a nice thing to have in delta-chat.

Is it now implemented? Can you send a screenshot? I am using DeltaLab on my phone— with it’s different release schedule,— and avatarless groups are still avatarless for me.


This has not been implemented I think. But I’m not sure of anything.

I don’t have screenshot, because I don’t know if this has been implemented or not.

it is not implemented or planned for now