Video call webrtc URL fails

Delta Chat Desktop 1.44.1

Expected behavior

Custom webrtc video chat link not to be changed by delta chat

Actual behavior

Custom webrtc video chat link is automatically changed by delta chat. Delta chat automatically alters the link and adds a hash at the end. As a result the webrtc link does not work anymore.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Add a video chat link in the advanced tab
  2. Invite someone for a video chat session (webrtc)

you can add $NOROOM to the URL, in this case, no random room will be appended (and $NOROOM itself will be removed)

see Videochat with Webex - #5 by Ednil for a previous discussion

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we should document this in the examples in app

@giannopk which tool were you using for the video call? also Webex?

Hi, I use Galene video conference server (compiled for Windows 7) on a static IP (typical home ADSL).
It works perfectly ok on a very old laptop and no need to use external services.

By adding the $NOROOM at the end of the URL, it works perfectly, thank you!