Video sending feature could also make use of the upcoming “large file support”

If Delta Chat could use Jirafeau for large file transfers or some other decentralized file-sharing server type, then a new feature for video messaging could become possible. Jirafeau supports file encryption and file self-destruction after the first download, so that might work for decent security.

Another idea would be to do it similarly to how the audio messages currently work, but with video and also a cut-off time to keep the video messages below a certain file size that is supported by the email server. Some may be 5Mb, some may be 50Mb. That might be a setting, too.

Skype used to have a video messaging feature where users could record a video message and send it to the other person. The way it worked was that the video would be saved to the sender’s Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and the link would be shared with the other person except the Skype client on the other end would format the received link as more of a “play video message” button as it recognized what the OneDrive link was. Video calling over Jitsi is great of course, but sometimes the other person is not available and you may still want to communicate something audibly & visually without bothering to affect the person’s availability.

Cal Newport writes about how E-mail Is Making Us Miserable partly because of people getting too much of it, but… “We’re also, it turns out, really bad at communicating clearly through a purely written medium—all kinds of nuances are lost, especially sarcasm, which leads to frustrating misunderstandings and confused exchanges.” Maybe video messages would help that.

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We already have video messages (video attachment type), but with big file support it would definitely become more useful.
So I understand your feature proposal as that the video sending feature could also make use of the upcoming “large file support” feature.

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There is a button to record and send a video, you need to click “attach” and then “video”, it opens a camera.

As for large file size, another option is to split the file into multiple parts:


Oh yeah! Sorry I missed that! I guess the feature request is to limit the video recording to a specific size supported by my email server or split up large files like you suggested.

Edited title accordingly. Thanks!

Splitting large files into suitable chuncks - did this proposal too in the past.

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