View attachments in *.zip

It is very common to receive emails with compressed attachments from some MUAs and Android does not allow it to be opened natively, so it becomes somewhat difficult for normal users to open it.

that is why I recommend that delta display the unzipped document in chat directly.

Knowing that DeltaChat already has support to compress and decompress *.zip natively, perhaps this is not very complicated, and if very useful

zip can have password, or be a “bomb zip” it is a terrible bad idea to automatically decompress zips, that is up to the user, it is bad to be “too smart” IMHO

I agree that a ZIP file should not be opened/extracted automatically, and there are plenty of apps to open ZIP files with. I would just leave things as they are.

Does it? New backups format is tar, not zip, and I don’t know of any other uses of archives in Delta Chat core.

There is a tool to open zipped HTML which integrates well with Delta Chat:

Unzipping files directly in Delta Chat will break it.

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I get it, I see that it is definitely not a good idea …

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