Visibility of account in use - Overview of all used accounts of oneself

Valued Delta-tean, developers, user,

as inspiration (“feedback”): If not wrong (blind to it), at least by use of android-version on small older tablet, one does not directly see the account in use on the mainpage and others Only if going back to the mainpage and clicking the option “switch email-account”, by the mark, one could prove, get sure, of the current used email-account, in cases one uses more than a single account.

Maybe a mention on the header or even better in addition a overlayed mainpage, listing the avaliable/used account and setting in general, incl. the setting of switching and creating accounts, would be useful and desireable.

May it be of good wished use for all, this topic.

Thanks for the feedback!

We even plan to have “real” i.e. simultaneous multi-account in DC sometime in the future. Therefore I wouldn’t change this now as it will have to be reworked at some point anyway.

Mudita, master Hocuri.

Just got also aware that notification, search of whether there are new messages, can be “tricky”, since one gets them only for the current used account and so missed the benefit of quick information. It requires to look into all seperat. That not all, if there are new request, such requires check of all accounts seperat as well.

So a central page carry overview of all would be maybe great service, gift.