Web client possible?

is it possible to get a web client in the future?
I’m behind a firewall so connecting the IMAP Port with the client is not possible.
What are your option to this?

Hi, @jakob1 welcome to our community :wave:
having a web client the way you describe is possible, but it will mean you will have to trust a central server that will host your chats, etc.

Hi @adbenitez!
Thank you.
OK, I understand. So selfhosted would be an option or a plugin for eg nextcloud.com?

can you use a proxy?

I like that idea :slight_smile:

However I’m afraid it will go down as just another idea for a feature. The problem is, who would develop it and what would be the motivation? You could post it somewhere where nextcloud developers would notice it, but they probably also have their hands full. But maybe you’ll get lucky and someone wants that feature and develops it.

Another idea would be to have a server that only relays edge to edge encrypted information. Your mail server would have to support that and I don’t think there is a single one that has this kind of functionality. At least I have never heard about that before. But it is technically feasible :slight_smile: