Website Translation needs support - do you speak french, spanish, catalan, norwegian, portuguese, or ukrainian?


our website is a bit broken at the moment - in some languages, there are menu items missing. E.g. in french you don’t see the download menu on the top.

Do you speak french, spanish, catalan, norwegian, portuguese, or ukrainian? Then you can help us, those are the missing languages.

You can help us out here:

Thanks a lot!

If you need access or have other questions, you can write me at

I am translating some Spanish strings now, but the site is completely broken, shouldn’t the site fallback to English??? I think that was the way it worked in the past

The past was manual, but yeah there is a problem because we forgot to do a thing that transfix doesn’t do for us.
And I forgot to test it properly and merged it, so you can blame me for it.

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hahaha nah! thanks for your hard work, btw could you update the thing?? I see strings in Transifex that are not even the one shown in the page (English version)

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which strings do you mean for example? (to save me some work searching)

for example in the download page in the “Links” section in the page there are a:

that doesn’t exist in transifex

Oh somebody forgot to push to transifex after changing things… I want to fix the other thing first, this is not as important. @compl4xx can do that part next week.

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I merged the english fallback by @Simon for now :slight_smile: But yeah, have to look into transifex next week, my current setup is also a bit broken I think.

I want to join the “delta chat website” translation but the french
language is not available…

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hi, @bisszang, welcome aboard!

french is available as “fr” in both, the website and for the app, see