Webxdc just launched a bit more publically, Q&A thread

We just announced https://webxdc.org on the delta chat blog post: “web apps shared in a chat” … a new way to do web apps without platforms, coins or logins :slight_smile: https://webxdc.org

the according Delta Chat announcement post has some more details: Sharing web apps in a chat - Delta Chat
and also points to https://webxdc.org.
If you have any questions/comments/clarifications, please post here :slight_smile:


Congratulations on launching Webxdc! :+1:
It’s a really good idea.
I’m curious how it will develop.
Earlier I downloaded all sample apps and am testing them now.
So far everything is going smoothly.
Is it actually possible for a Webxcd app to access the location of my cell phone?
If so, you could use it to realize a scavenger hunt, for example.

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no. currently, webxdc apps have no permissions but sending status updates to other group members.
of course, this may change in the future :slight_smile: i am also curious, how it might develop :slight_smile:

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Mudita with your gains with it.

My person is just curious where the app, the .xdc-file is stored, possible operates, and a possible required ‘databases’/stores/list. On one’s device or on one’s mail-server or that of else?

when it comes to storage, you can think of the .xdc file as of an image, there is not much special with them:

  • .xdc-files are attached to mail, similar to images, therefore stored on the mail-server at least for some time - just as every mail that gets delivered
  • on the device, the .xdc-files are stored in the same storage where other files (as images) are stored

no servers other than your mail-servers are involved.

Sadhu for efforts to try to explain it to an IT-dummy like mine, good master Björn.
Yet still not understanding. The program runs on one’s app (java?) once gained, right? Yet datas, imputs, are then again stored where? On each persons personal store? Meaning likewise like email-chat: producing multiple stores of ‘same’ data (of which is a great burden and cost intensive)?

Trusted that being given, my person tried Draw. As much as understanding one modifies the file, while attaching, opened in DC and then shares it. If not opened, another can use to modify, right? Another use, a new attaching of original draw-app.




it does not really matter. the data used for a typical app are comparable small, many sticker or images are order of magnitude larger and are stored on each device as well.

also, the replication allows offline using of the apps.

I want to start off by saying that webxdc and the implementation in Delta Chat is one of the coolest tech projects I’ve seen in my life. The simplicity of it is so elegant and I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate all of the work on Chat and now webxdc.

I searched both this forum and the Github issues for core/Android, but I couldn’t find any discussion regarding webxdc messages being brought to the “bottom” of the chat interface when they receive updates. For example, if you upload webxdc/ChessBoard.xdc, the application in the chat history stays in the original shared location. Is there/has there been any discussion about potentially moving webxdc entries to the newest chat entry when they receive a state update? Are there other features you intend users to leverage to organize visibility of webxdc apps?


Appreciation for patient, good master Björn.

thanks for the praise, james :slight_smile: it’s a very good question how to visualize webxdc updates. I kind of like the simplicity of your proposition to just make a webxdc update the latest message again. However, it could also become obnoxious – as the xdc app messages are rather big. Maybe an xdc could be muted then and it wouldn’t pop up again?

I wonder if maybe something an (glowing?) Icon indicating webxdc-updates around the top bar could be useful.

sidenote: one can already re-find webxdcs in the “Gallery” for reach chat under “docs”.

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We have many ideas, like for now a webxdc “app” (apple won’t like it if we call it app, they don’t allow app stores besides their own) instance is linked to the message it was sent in, but we were also thinking of other models with different scopes (like per chat and resending when new people join the group, or even spanning multiple chats (such as a calendar with events from multiple chats and stuff like that)).

They are currently shown as webxdc in the gallery under the documents tab, on desktop there is even a whole webxdc tab.
Maybe we could do a webxdc library that gets deduplicated and contains all webxdc’s you ever received, kinda like the system we already imagined for sticker federation (though for now stickers are still not fully implemented, we mostly support images from special keyboards as stickers and desktop has a “hidden” sticker menu, but that’s it)

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one pretty straight-forward idea is to implement “starring” and/or “pinning” messages. these are features requested frequently anyway - and with webxdc, they would be even more useful.

of course, that would not solve all issues wrt webxdc visibility, but quite some:

  • once could “star” (favorite) ones preferred games/whatever and access them quickly from an explicit view that shows just all “starred” messages
  • in a chat, the webxdc could be “pinned” and shown atop of a chat, always visible and directly accessible.

(“starring” is known from whatsapp; one “stars” messages privately there. “pinning” is known from telegram, “pinned” messags are pinned for all chat members there.)


How do you access the hidden sticker menu? :slightly_smiling_face:

Will the WebXDC Apps in the future also work with normal e-mail clients? Because the purpose behind DC originally was, that everything works with just e-mail, if the person doesn’t have the Delta Chat app. It would be good, if let’s say there would be placed a link within the e-mail, where people could use the app or maybe you have another embedded solution, because the communication without boundries is something, that I highly value in Delta Chat.

Running webxdc apps in mail clients requires them to implement Webxdc Specification - Webxdc – i wouldn’t be holding my breath that this happens with regular mail apps soon. While the ability to message with arbitrary e-mail addresses is important, we don’t want it to limit too much what we offer if both sides use Delta Chat. Otherwise we would have no chance to offer something that goes beyond what other messengers offer. Both Autocrypt and webxdc have specifications and example source code, so a base line for cross-app support is there.