Webxdc website improvement suggestions

There are a couple of things which can be improved on the “apps” page of the webxdc site:

  1. It appears broken if you use the Tor Browser on the “Safer” or “Safest” security setting. I assume that this is because it depends on WebAssembly. (This could also impact Apple users in Lockdown mode.) Therefore the website can be made more accessible to users with high browser security settings by falling back to javascript if WebAssembly doesn´t work and using <noscript> if javascript is disabled. (As the website seems to have static content, the need for dynamic code is unclear.)

  2. The website lacks feature parity with the xstore app. The website only provides the names of the apps but does not show the descriptions of the apps or link to the source code like the xstore does.

feel free to make a pr to improve the site, the code is here website/website/apps at main · webxdc/website · GitHub

Also to my knowledge it does not use any wasm. The website is not rebuild with every app update, it fetches it from a json file that is statically build. You could also host your own store website that is completely static.

About Tor

It’s happening because of the request to apps.testrun.org, which fetches the list of apps. This also happens on “Standard” security setting sometimes. I don’t know why. If you change the circuit or restart the browser, it works sometimes. On “Safest” it won’t work at all because it relies on JavaScript, which is disabled on “Safest”.

I agree, it’d be nice to make it static, or server-side-rendered so it’s more accessible.

Thanks for the clarification.

That’s weird.

Anyway apart from the dynamic vs static nature of the site it would be nice to see descriptions of the apps and links to the source code (like they appear on the xstore app).