What happened to copy message context menu option on iOS?!

If I remember correctly there was “Copy Message” option in this context menu before?!

I’m on 1.46.2 on iOS.


it is at “More Options”.

we went radically through the menu, avoiding scrolling and making place for “non bureaucratic but important/often-used/fun options on top-level” on top level … we’ll see how that works and may bring “Copy” (or others) one level up again (although at “More Options” you can also directly do multiple select for copying :slight_smile: )

EDIT: PR for reference

These folders on the bottom?!

That wasn’t obvious. I never found context menu bloated. Also if the goal is to remove bloat, why add redundant forward message in “More Options”?


as forwarding is one of the most used features in a messenger, and therefore deserves a top-level place (the place at “more options” is needed as you can multi-select there)

it was never bloated, but quite full.

esp. on smaller screens or larger fonts in groups (which have one more item), scrolling happens - and that was much worse, as iOS scrollbars are quite hidden and ppl were totally lost, there is not even a hint about “more options” then.

but we have one, maybe two “slots” left that we plan to fill, after gathering feedback about things that are most missing :slight_smile: so thanks a lot for your post!

Finally someone that agrees that this delta chat iOS design decision is weird… I am still confused by this every time I use it…

My personal opinion on this: just copy telegram’s context menu design.

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My personal opinion on this: just copy telegram’s context menu design.

I just checked it… This is how it looks:

DeltaChat doesn’t need “Copy Link” & “Report”. Which means only “Copy” and “Delete” are missing from the DeltaChat context menu. :slight_smile:

And since “More Options” takes one slot, it means if “More Options” is removed, context menu would only get one extra option… Top of DeltaChat context menu with emojis is already great, just this “More Options” seems out of place since there is really not that many more options.

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