When the composer is focused, Esc closes the quote if any

Expected behavior

The Esc button on keyboard must cancel quoting in Desktop and Android while composer is focused.

Actual behavior

Esc does not do that :slight_smile:


Great idea :slight_smile:

Right now, pressing Esc focuses the composer - probably no conflict will come out of this, but there are other reasons people use Esc already.

(We added the “Esc → focus composer” shortcut when we introduced keyboard shortcuts for the search bar, and cancelling a search should let you refocus on the composer)

Yeah neither do I think there will be a conflict. We can cancel quoting when the composer is already focused. I’ve edited the original post. I think it makes sense to add this feature to Android as well? Useful for Android users who use Keyboard. One of them being myself sometimes on the trips.

BTW, I am willing to implement this mini feature in Desktop if no one disagrees.