Where are contact requests?

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

When someone requests entrance to a group by scanning a QR code, I can see their request, on desktop and on mobile

Actual behavior

I have no clue where those requests go on either dekstop or mobile, and have to manually add new members.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Make a group
  2. Share its QR code
  3. Have someone ask for membership
  4. Where the hell is the contact request?

Screen snapshots

Debug logs

If applicable, debug logs can be copied from within the Delta Chat app: 

Open the _Settings_ menu -> _About_ -> _version number|Info_.

Alternatively from the Android system log:

` adb logcat -v time -s DeltaChat `

This log contains private data (e.g. mail address, provider information) which shall be removed or anonymised prior to posting.

Maybe you can read this first: .https://delta.chat/en/help#creation-of-a-group.

Group is known to group members (you added) when you send the first message to the group.

Maybe some more context is necessary. I’m talking about a group that predates 1.26. It was created more than a year ago. This may be useful.

Anyway, I cannot find ANY UI for contacts whatsoever that matches whatever is mentioned in the help.

What do you mean with “ask for membership”? If someone scans a group invite code, they should automatically be added to the group.

What happens is that they scan the code, and the group owner receives a membership request, which has a notification but nowhere to act upon, and then the user is not added to the group: it has to be done manually most of the time.

How does this membership request look like and what is the exact text it says?

It looks like a fugitive notification that I get and cannot find anymore.

As the topic suggests, I’m looking for the normal place where contact requests are supposed to go. In all the documentation it shows as an envelope, but I cannot see that anywhere.

Requests are supposed to looks like normal chats with the word “Request” and without an unread counter.

If someone scanned a group invite code, they are supposed to be normally added.

But, to be honest, I have no idea what you saw and what this fugitive notification could be.

There are no “contact requests” anymore since some versions, there are only “requests”.

Edit: I just noticed that the title is “Where are the contact requests?”, so maybe that was your question? But probably not, because the new “requests” are more visible than the old “contact requests”, because the “requests” get their own chat each, while all “contact requests” were put into one chat.